Colon Tumors

Surgical Oncology is the sub-specialty dedicated to the detection and treatment of cancer. Early detection and treatment remain the most important step to cure. Routine stool testing for blood, colonoscopy and awareness of family history have fortunately led to earlier detection of polyps and other growths!

Colon tumors and other intestinal surgery:

  • Colon and small bowel (intestine) polyps and tumors
  • Medical and surgical treatment of diverticulosis and diverticulitis
  • Intertinal obstruction and volvulus (twist)
  • Appendix, appendicitis and appendectomy
  • Gastric (stomach) tumors
  • Evaluation of acute and chronic abdominal pain

Fortunately, colon cancer can be, and is now often, found at a much earlier time (stage) -as a smaller polyp, allowing better outcome and potential cure- thanks to the increased, earlier and routine use of colonoscopy.

Remember! The American Cancer Society guidelines for COLONOSCOPY!

Newer surgical techniques- such as Laparoscopic Colectomy- have allowed much less painful and quicker recovery. Please call and discuss this option.